How Dubstep Has Influenced the World

Ever since the dark origins of Dubstep the world seems to have fallen subject to the incantation of its unique sounds and sudden drops within the music. With little less than a decade of existence it is one of the fastest growing genres within the electronic spectrum. But what is it about the sinister nature of Dubstep that keeps us coming back for more each and every time, and more importantly, how did this sound manage to become so popular in such a short time.

Good roots:

The first attribute we have to analyze is where Dubstep originates from. In reality it is a mix of several subgenres that make Dubstep so unique and outer worldly. Dubstep is comprised of Drum and Bass, Jungle, dub and 2-step. This doesn’t mean that the genre stayed within these limitations; in fact the genre has spawned its own subdivisions within itself. Some people even say that Dubstep could be said to be the Metal of Electronic music. Now whether this is true or not is up to the listener although several Dubstep hardcore tracks have been made and they are classified as Dubcore or Dubmetal.


Anything that is danceable will generally have a lot of influence within society. The sounds of Dubstep allow people to experiment with Dance styles as well. A lot of break dancers absolutely love the genre due to the flexibility and the unique expression of the music as it is a lot easier to create dance sequences based on the sounds. Also for those who are not professional dancers, Dubstep allows the individual to dance as he or she pleases since the style associated with Dubstep is free in nature. If you were to take the music off while people are dancing the odds are you’d conclude that there must be some kind of massive epileptic seizure going on. Yet it is precisely the fact that this epileptic style dancing looks so good on the music that people have flocked to the genre for true corporal expression.

TV and Software:

Dubstep has also made its way onto the small screen as it is more common to hear faint Dubstep in the background of television announcements. The active nature of the genre allows people to focus more on the information presented and keeps for a more dynamic user experience. Also people such as Mike Diva and Corridor Digital frequently use Dubstep within their action sequence as the music amplifies the situation enhancing the overall effect.

In fact, Dubstep has even become so popular that there are 100% dedicated Dubstep maker programs for music editing. The fact of the matter is that this genre has revolutionized the electronic scene more than any of the other genres combined. The influence of Dubstep will continue to grow as people begin to experiment with the elements associated with it. There are even bands these days that are playing live Dubstep, which is basically reproducing the sounds on actual instruments as opposed to pre-producing the tracks on your DAW.

The fact of the matter is that Dubstep is here to stay and within its short musical run on this planet it has stretched its borders far and wide. Check out for more info.